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Based in Balaena Bay.

Favoured the Ailsa-Craig engine. ( Fitted many vessels, both retro-fit, and included in new builds from around 1925.

Very involved in the sport's administration for sanders cup, and various clubs. (RPNYC, Paremata Boating club, Wellington Provincial Yacht and Motor Boat Association)

Well-known vessels:



14 footers for Sanders Cup: Wellesley (varnished), and All Black (varnished with white enamel waterline), Wellesley II built 1927

Rona class 14 foot

Tauranga class

Built a ferry for Lake Rotioti

Built four 14 ft pleasure craft for Masterton Recreational Grounds in 1926

Takapuna class - 7 foot

Takapuna Z class - 12,6 foot

also built open pulling boats.

1926/7 built two fishing boats for Island Bay, with powerful engines (1x27; 1x48LOA)

Around 1920-21 built Island Bay fishing boat Norna, 55LOA 8ton cwt, which sunk after hitting an unknown object near Barret's reef in August 1927 . She was raised by the Hikitia in October