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Sumby Collection

The images below are shared with us by Chrissy Sumby, whose grandfather B. T. R. Greensill owned the Wanderer in Nelson during the 1930s and 1940s. Wanderer was built in Auckland at the Logan yard to the order of the Moore brothers of Nelson and launched 17 October 1905.

She is now believed to be resident of the Bay of Islands.

Wanderer in 1935

Wanderer in 1935

Wanderer in 1938

Wanderer - Maud and Malcolm

Wanderer in 1940

Wanderer December 28 1941, Win Mau Peter Bill

Wanderer Feb. 13 1944

Wanderer Jan 30, 1944. Henry and Rudolf

Wanderer April 20 1944 with mooring block

Wanderer January 1945 family sailing

Wakarere Jan. 1945

Jan. 1948 Peter up the mast

Wanderer 26 Feb. 1950

Wanderer outing

Wanderer. ca. 1980s in Nelson