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Accounts of Maritana sailing

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Paremata Boating Club

Evans Bay Yacht and Motor Boat Club

 The Yachtsman

This is a growing database of Classic vessels (pre 1940) with a significant connection to the region

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Museum of Wellington City and Sea

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Shorland collection

Osborn collection

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 Tringham collection 1

McCullough collection of photographs of Wakarere

David Fisher's family photos relating to the launch and build of Ruawaka.

 Ward family collection of Lizzie

Atkinson collection

 Henry/Kelly collection

Sumby Collection

 Anderson collection

 Tony Farr Collection

 Fowke collection

 Tringham collection 2

Charles Atkinson Collection

Petherick album

Coad Collection

 Auckland Weekly News

 Royal Port Nicholson Yacht Club

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Royal Port Nicholson Yacht Club Collection

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Worser Bay Boating Club photographs

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The Rip

1951 Wgtn-Lyttelton race

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 Alf Harvey and his Idle Along

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