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We are grateful to the following:

David Waddington at Uroxys for varnish products

Terry Steven at amstore for signage

Mike Calkoen at Discount Marine for the donation of paint for Lizzie.

Milan and Olmec at Cleanweb for setting up this website.

Royal Port Nicholson Yacht Club For their instant support and encouragement during the acquisition of Lizzie, and for the use of facilities at Clyde Quay.

Mike, John and Sven at Evans Bay slipway for helping us out with somewhere to keep Lizzie till a more permanent arrangement could be made.

Pheroze Jagose and Helen Bowie at Chapman Tripp for their advice and drawing up our trust deed.

Parade Cafe for coffee and general hangover relief.

Andrew Chemicals for the donation of the seemingly limitless supply of Creosote, Linseed oil and Turpentine.