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About the Wellington Classic Yacht Trust

The yachts we aim to acquire in the name of the trust fall mostly under the Protected Objects Act 1975, which precludes their being sold overseas. Materials and construction methods, unique to New Zealand up to the early 20th century, resulted in vessels having a longer lifespan than envisaged by the original builders. As they fall into disrepair due to lack of upkeep, these beautiful vessels are often broken up and lost forever, depleting the richness of the region’s heritage and that of New Zealand overall.


  • Work with education bodies in designing and delivering courses in traditional techniques.
  • Conduct research work for heritage institutions.
  • Provide lectures on yachting history and restoration.
  • Associate and organise with related groups to further knowledge and appreciation of classic yachts and yachting history worldwide.
  • Encourage, advise and guide anybody with an interest in traditional sailing techniques looking for impartial knowledge.

We exist to share our passion for the history of these vessels and the sport of yachting with the wider community; and encourage ownership and use of such vessels to ensure their continued useful existence.

If you you think you can help, or you know of any small vessel in the region in danger of being lost, please contact us.