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Vessel Name:Miru
Builder:Robert Logan Sr
Designer:William Fife
Place built:Auckland
Year built:1894/5
Construction:two skins carvel
Beam:5, 6
Rig:Lug sloop
Class:1/2 Rater
Owners:Alan Bailey (Wellington, 1931-??); M. Hall (Wellington, 1929-19??) ; R. Prince (Wellington, 1926-1929); Mr "Jock" Breen (Wellington, ??-1924-1926); E. Hannan (Wellington, ??-1915-??) Alexander Turnbull, Wellington (1895-?)
Notes:Designed by W. Fife. Fin and bulb keel. Renamed "Essex" 1911-1913 ; Renamed "May" 1915-before 1924. Sister to Ruru. Converted to keeler ca 1912.
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Construction plan (copyright Fairlie yachts)
Sail plan (copyright Fairlie yachts)

Photo source:Alexander Turnbull Library