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Vessel Name:Rona
Builder:Robert Logan Sr
Designer:G. L. Watson
Place built:Auckland
Year built:1893
Construction:Triple-planked kauri
Rig:Gaff cutter
Class:5 Rater
Owners:Rona Preservation Trust (Wellington 2007-), John Palmer (1982-2007); Harry Hardham and Huia Robert Prince (Wellington, 1929-1936) ; A. Hailey (Wellington, 1927-1929) ; J. R. McLean (Wellington, 1920-1925) ; A. J Petherick (Wellington, 1908-1919/20) ;  G. B. Richardson (Picton, 19??-1908) ;  Dr. Claridge (Picton, 1900-19??) ;  Alexander Turnbull (Wellington 1893-ca.1900)
Notes:1 ton lead added to external ballast shortly after arrival to Wellington. Re painted black 1911. Has been through various configurations. Raised cabin built and converted to bermuda sloop rig ca1950s. Restored to original configuration during the 1980s and 90s. G. F. Bothamley crewed in 1894.
Photo source:Alexander Turnbull Library