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Vessel Name:Waitangi
Builder:Robert Logan Sr
Place built:Auckland
Year built:1894
LOA:57, 7
Rig:Gaff cutter
Owners:Classic Yacht Charitable Trust (Auckland ca. 2000-); Waitangi Syndicate (Melbourne 1986-ca. 2000); E. B. Chapman (Bay of Islands and Australia); W. A. Wilkinson (Auckland, ??-1948); Rowell and Smith (Wellington, 19??-1920-19??); Norman Gibb & Boulcott (Wellington, 1911-1913-??); McLean and Renner (Wellington, ??-1906-1911); Wellington syndicate: Jamieson, Georgeson, Kirker (Wellington 1894-1904-??)
Notes:Built specifically to win 1895 Wellington Anniversary Day Championship Race, which it did. Engine installed and converted to ketch 1909 (trisails). Reverted to gaff cutter 1911. Chapman may have converted her to a ketch for the trip to Townsville.
Article: Sea Spray 1 June 1946

Photo source:Little Ships 3rd ed