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This is a growing database of classic vessels (pre 1940) with a significant connection to the region. Information comes from primary sources (mostly the Evening Post and NZ Yachtsman), and secondary sources (the more reliable being the writings of Harold Kidd, Robin Elliott and David Pardon). Where sources conflict, primary sources are generally given precedence. Bruce Askew's first notes on the database can be viewed here.

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Vessel Name:Seabird
Builder:W. Waddilove; Harry Highet
Designer:Thomas Day & C.G. Mowers
Place built:Oriental Bay, Wellington
Year built:1914
Year lost:2009 [?]
Owners:J. Chapman (Nelson, 198); D. Kirkcaldie (Wellington, 1924 and 1926)
Notes:Fitted with her first inboard auxilliary in 1926. Renamed Annetta ca 1932. A yacht of this design named Seabird, associated with Wellington, was broken up in 2009.

Photo source:RPNYC archive