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Vessel Name:Mahaki
Builder:J. T. Pratt
Place built:Wellington
Year built:1897
Year lost:1917
Owners:Birch (Bush?) and Elliott (Wellington, ca. 1907-??); Ernie J. Jamieson and syndicate (Wellington, ca1905-ca.1908?); Anderson & co (Wellington, ca. 1902-??); Wiggins and Hannah (Wellington, ca1899-??); E. Pratt (Wellington, ??-1898-??)

Notes:Appears to have been in a syndicate for much of her life, so parsing out owners is difficult. Jamieson syndicate included Lionel B. Rogers and J. F. Harrison ca 1909. Broken up 1917.

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Photo source:RPNYC: One hundred years 1893-1893