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Vessel Name:Siren
Builder:Norman Anderson
Place built:Wellington
Year built:1894/1895
Year lost:1945
Construction:Two skins carvel
Rig:Gaff yawl
Owners:Fred Hale, Z. F. Zimmerman (Wellington, 1945); Hugh Herd (Wellington, before 1940);  Noel Brown (Nelson, 192?-1939) ; Alexander Irvine - aka Irvine Brown (Nelson, 1???-1930-??) ; Oscar Freyberg (Wellington, 1913-1916); Chisholm & Co. (Wellington, ??-1909-1912); John Sydney Swan (Wellington, 19??-1907-1908); W. Johnson & Co. (Wellington, 1???-1904-19??); Carrington and Co. (Wellington, ??-1898-??)

Notes:Built for cruising with heavy timber furnishings. Panels painted in Seascapes. All stripped out and refitted for racing in 1898. Painted white 1910 then royal blue 1911. Given iron keel 1913. Occasionally rigged as a cutter. Wrecked at Black Rock at Cape Palliser, outbound for Auckland and Tahiti. One survivor, two deaths. The further tragedy is that these two men (Hale survived) had just returned from 4 years active service.
Photo source:RPNYC: One hundred years 1893-1893