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Vessel Name:Isca
Builder:T. R. H. Taylor
Designer:Dixon Kemp
Place built:Clyde Quay, Wellington
Year built:1880
Owners:Messrs Osborne and Berry (Wellington, 1891-1898); Mr Jack (Wellington, 1888-1891); Messrs Batkin and Co. (Wellington, 1885-1888); R. J. Scott (Wellington, 1884-1885); A. S. Collins (Nelson, 1880-18??)
Notes:A highly successful racer throughout her career. She beat the crack Logan-built Rona in the Wellington Anniversary Regatta of 1896 by a matter of seconds. This was to be her last race; she was pushed so hard that she was taken directly to Evans Bay slip. There she remained until broken up in 1898. Some of her material went in to the building of Kotiri.
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Photo source:Little Ships 3rd ed