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Nancy Stair
Nancy Stair
Vessel Name:Nancy Stair
Place built:Auckland
Beam:7, 6
Rig:Gaff cutter
Owners:E. Sexton and Munt (Wellington, ??-1922-1925*??); H. Barnes and K. Mitchell (Wellington, 1915-1916-??); H. Barnes & K. Mitchell (Wellington, 1915-??);  Kupli Bros. (Wellington, 1909-1915); F. Davies (Wellington, ??-1907-1908)

Notes:Active in Wellington 1907-27. Poneke renamed Nancy Stair. Usually black, painted white with green stripe 1909. Painted black 1915. Lead keel removed for war effort and replaced with concrete. Lead put back on 1921. Sank at her moorings in Evans Bay after Shamrock drifted on to her. Repaired and put up for sale. Additional lead added 1926.

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Photo source:RPNYC: One hundred years 1893-1893