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Vessel Name:Viking
Builder:Robert Logan Sr
Place built:Auckland
Year built:1890
Class:5 Rater
Owners:K. Jones (ca. 1947-1950); Charles Headland and James Elton, Cyril Headland from 1930 (Wellington, 1907-1920-ca. 1947); Freyberg Brothers (Wellington, ca. 1904-1907); J. Henshilwood and F. H. McKeever (Wellington, 1902-ca. 1905); E. Bucholz, G. H. Kebbell, G. C. Schwartz (Wellington, 1898-ca 1900); J. P. Maxwell (Wellington, 1893-1898); W. R. Wilson (Auckland, 1890-1893)

Notes:1st of the boats to have been built to the 5 rater rule in NZ. Launched as Moana, later renamed Waiwetu in Wellington. Won Wellington's first ocean race (Port Underwood) in 1911. Headland converted to marconis sails 1934 and built new house 1935. Wrecked near Ngauranga after loosing her moorings in 1899, and again in 1950.
Articles about a cruise to D'Urville Island:
NZ Yachtsman Oct. 1937
NZ Yachtsman Nov. 1937

Photo source:The Rip