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Vessel Name:Kotiri
Builder:F. W. Petherick and A. Petherick
Designer:F. W. Petherick
Place built:Berhampore, Wellington
Year built:1898
Construction:Double-planked NZ Kauri, deadwood, stem and stern NZ Rata
LOA:33, 9
Beam:8, 6 3/4
Rig:Gaff cutter
Displacement:2 3/4 tons
Class:2 1/2 rater; or 30 linear rater

Jack Barker (Wellington, 1948-1954-??); C. (or F. or L.) Thompson (Wellington, 1946-48); McIntosh & Broberg (Wellington, ??-1938/39-1946); F. W. Petherick, A. Petherick, R. W. Avery, T. Ballinger, A. G. Ballinger (Wellington, 1898-??)

Notes:Considered sister to Mawhiti, though there were differences in hull form. Painted black. Rigged as a yawl at times. When first built, she carried Isca's old mainsail, and perhaps her lead. Deck hardware was fashioned from Tasmanian Blackwood. Barker converted her to Bermudan cutter and built a raised cabin.
View sail plan drawn in 1946 for conversion to bermudan rig here

From and email from James Cairns, Jocelyn's husband:
Information received from my Grandfather R. W. Avery (One of the original builders of Kotiri). The Hull was built on a cradle beside my Grandmothers house in upper Berhampore. The hull was then transported down the Berhampore street to the Port Nicholson Yacht Club. Once finished to  being ready to be launched for the first time, the brothers and all who spent time in the building of Kotiri were elated to see her finally in the Wellington harbour to sail for days at a time to be sure everything was shipshape.

Many months after the initial launch, my grandfather then gave my Grandmother  Kotiri as a belated Wedding present. She thought this was crazy as she knew nothing about sailing so the brothers decided to take her for a sail.  She was delighted but was keen to set foot on land  again.
This is a little more of the life of Kotiri, I am not sure if she still sails in the New Zealand waters, but whether it is true or not I heard she was bought by an American some time ago.
Regards  Jocelyn,  Grand daughter of the late R. W Avery.

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Photo source:The Rip