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Vessel Name:Medina
Builder:Percy Vos
Designer:Bert Woollacott
Place built:Auckland
Year built:1932
Construction:NZ kauri carvel
Displacement:8 tonnes
Owners:Mike Joy (2006 -) ; Alan and Ngareta Inglis (Lyttelton, 1975-1995) ; Snow Oliver (Wellington, 1965-1975) ; ?? (Nelson, 195?-1965) ; Mackey family (Auckland, 1936-19?) ; Bert Woollacott (Auckland, 1930-1936) 
Notes:Draft 5'.
Medina was a Wellington boat for a while she was owned by the legendary Snow Oliver for many years.  In the early 1970s he raced her to Noumea, three days out they hit a whale on the way limped in and made repairs I still can see today.  I spoke to Snow a few years ago and heard the whole story, basically they were enjoying some fast downwind sailing and all four crew were in the cockpit watching two whales surfing waves behind them, then the helmsman yelled a warning a third whale had come to join the other two and Medina struck it full on.  They began taking water and were ripping up floorboards up forward till eventually they found that the planking had sprung from the stern.  They wrapped a sail around the stern and continued to Noumea.  Previous owners included the Dymock family in Nelson (they owned the Logan Rainbow at the same time) she went to Christchurch approx 1975 - 95 in Christchurch, owned by Alan and Ngareta Inglis.  I bought Medina in Nelson in 2006, she spent around 20 years 1975 – 95 in Lyttleton, 1965 ish to 75 in Wellington, the 50s/60s in Nelson, there is a gap back between that and the Mackey’s owned her from 1936 - 40s in Auckland they bought her off Bert Woollacott (they are the family who started up the Southern Cross hospitals) (they also owned Ilex).

Photo source:Auckland War Memorial Museum