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Vessel Name:May
Builder:Paul and Roberts
Place built:Wellington, Clyde Quay
Year built:1890
Year lost:1918
Construction:2 horizontal skins (bread and butter) NZ kauri, Rata timbers, Red Pine keel
Owners:Durrant family (Wellington, 1???-1918); Tattle (Wellington, 1909 - ??) ; Smith and Nathan (Wellington, ??-1909); E. Bucholz (Wellington, ??-1904-19??) ; H. Chisolm (??) ; C. Dempsey (Wellington, 1895-??) ;  J. G. Holdsworth (Wellington, 1890-1895)

Notes:Built to a design named Owaissa from Dixon Kemp's Yachting Manual 6th ed. Loosed mooring in Evans Bay 1918, ran aground and sunk. Refloated several weeks later and broken up.
View Owaissa's lines and sail plan published in the Sydney Mail 03 Jan. 1885

Photo source:NZ Yachtsman 18 Sept. 1915