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The links below show lines drawn in the Wellington region, for boats built there, or for Wellington clients.

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Idle Along
Vessel Name:Idle Along
Builder:Alf Harvey
Designer:Alf Harvey
Place built:Petone, Lower Hutt
Class:Idle Along
Notes:Designed in 1927, though not built until 1930, Idle Along was to give the highly successful class its name. The original drawings hang in the Heretaunga Boating Club.
In 1951 A. Fitton drew plans for the Wellington Provincial Yacht and Motor Boating Association. They are held at the Alexander Turnbull Library, a copy may be viewed here.
Spencer's drawings for a plywood version can be viewed here.
Click here to find out more about the class.

Vessel Name:Isca
Builder:T. R. H. Taylor
Designer:Dixon Kemp
Place built:Clyde Quay, Wellington
Year built:1880
Owners:Messrs Osborne and Berry (Wellington, 1891-1898); Mr Jack (Wellington, 1888-1891); Messrs Batkin and Co. (Wellington, 1885-1888); R. J. Scott (Wellington, 1884-1885); A. S. Collins (Nelson, 1880-18??)
Notes:A highly successful racer throughout her career. She beat the crack Logan-built Rona in the Wellington Anniversary Regatta of 1896 by a matter of seconds. This was to be her last race; she was pushed so hard that she was taken directly to Evans Bay slip. There she remained until broken up in 1898. Some of her material went in to the building of Kotiri.
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Photo source:Little Ships 3rd ed
Vessel Name:Kotiri
Builder:F. W. Petherick and A. Petherick
Designer:F. W. Petherick
Place built:Berhampore, Wellington
Year built:1898
Construction:Double-planked NZ Kauri, deadwood, stem and stern NZ Rata
LOA:33, 9
Beam:8, 6 3/4
Rig:Gaff cutter
Displacement:2 3/4 tons
Class:2 1/2 rater; or 30 linear rater

Jack Barker (Wellington, 1948-1954-??); C. (or F. or L.) Thompson (Wellington, 1946-48); McIntosh & Broberg (Wellington, ??-1938/39-1946); F. W. Petherick, A. Petherick, R. W. Avery, T. Ballinger, A. G. Ballinger (Wellington, 1898-??)

Notes:Considered sister to Mawhiti, though there were differences in hull form. Painted black. Rigged as a yawl at times. When first built, she carried Isca's old mainsail, and perhaps her lead. Deck hardware was fashioned from Tasmanian Blackwood. Barker converted her to Bermudan cutter and built a raised cabin.
View sail plan drawn in 1946 for conversion to bermudan rig here

From and email from James Cairns, Jocelyn's husband:
Information received from my Grandfather R. W. Avery (One of the original builders of Kotiri). The Hull was built on a cradle beside my Grandmothers house in upper Berhampore. The hull was then transported down the Berhampore street to the Port Nicholson Yacht Club. Once finished to  being ready to be launched for the first time, the brothers and all who spent time in the building of Kotiri were elated to see her finally in the Wellington harbour to sail for days at a time to be sure everything was shipshape.

Many months after the initial launch, my grandfather then gave my Grandmother  Kotiri as a belated Wedding present. She thought this was crazy as she knew nothing about sailing so the brothers decided to take her for a sail.  She was delighted but was keen to set foot on land  again.
This is a little more of the life of Kotiri, I am not sure if she still sails in the New Zealand waters, but whether it is true or not I heard she was bought by an American some time ago.
Regards  Jocelyn,  Grand daughter of the late R. W Avery.

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Photo source:The Rip
Vessel Name:Lizzie
Builder:Edwin Bailey
Place built:Wellington
Year built:1909
Construction:Carvel kauri on birch
Beam:7' 6"
Rig:Gaff sloop
Displacement:1000 kg
Owners:Wellington Classic Yacht Trust (2010- ); Graeme and Annette Robertson (Lyttelton, 1977-1986, Auckland, 1986-19??); Bernie Wilson (Lyttelton, 1975-1977); Richard Johnstone (Lyttelton, 1968-1975); Owen Tracy Gough (Lyttelton, 1968); Harry Collett (Lyttelton, 1949-19??);  Cliff Heron (Lyttelton, 1937-1949) V. J. M. Boulton (Wellington, 1927-??); R. L. Button and W. W. Waddilove (Wellington, ca 1922-1927); Ian Tringham (Wellington, 1920-ca 1922); Charlie Neal (Wellington, 1912-1920); C J Ward (Wellington, 1909-1912)

Notes:Built for C J Ward of Wellington. Topsides raised 18" by Cliff Heron in 1937/8. Restored to original configuration by the Wellington Classic Yacht Trust 2010-2012.

Photos: Ward family collection
Photos: Known as Linnet
Photos: Tringham family collection
Lines drawn by Robin Aitken
Bruce Askew's initial restoration report
An article by Gavin Pascoe
The first article below is contemporary and factual. The second article makes a lot of erroneous assumptions about her early years.
NZ Yachtsman 02 Nov. 1912
Traditional boats June 1987
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Photo source:NZ Yachtsman 02 November 1912
Maputu II
Vessel Name:Maputu II
Builder:Stallard brothers
Place built:Levin
Year built:1938
Owners:Stallard Brothers (Levin, 1938-??)
Notes:View lines reproduced in Evans Bay Yachtsman, October 1936

Vessel Name:Maranui
Builder:G. Coleman; F. Coleman; J. Scarrott
Designer:Archie Scott
Place built:Lyall Bay, Wellington
Year built:1936
Construction:NZ Kauri on Southland beech
Rig:Bermuda sloop
Owners:Coleman and Scarrott (Wellington,1935- 1948-??)
Notes:Draft 4,10, 1 1/2 tons lead ballast on keel. . Adaption of an English 18-footer. Built with a raised deck. Designed to be a cruiser, proved very successful in B class racing.
View Lines as reproduced in the Evans Bay Yachtsman, October 1935

Photo source:The Rip
Vessel Name:Mariri
Builder:Ernie Hargreaves (Wellington)
Designer:Archie Scott (Wellington)
Place built:Wellington
Year built:1946
Construction:NZ kauri on Jarrah
Displacement:3.12 tons
Owners:Ernie Hargreaves (Wellington, 1946-19??)
Notes:4,6 draught. Kauri decks. Designed in 1938 but construction not done until 1946.
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View Sail Plan

Vessel Name:May
Builder:Paul and Roberts
Place built:Wellington, Clyde Quay
Year built:1890
Year lost:1918
Construction:2 horizontal skins (bread and butter) NZ kauri, Rata timbers, Red Pine keel
Owners:Durrant family (Wellington, 1???-1918); Tattle (Wellington, 1909 - ??) ; Smith and Nathan (Wellington, ??-1909); E. Bucholz (Wellington, ??-1904-19??) ; H. Chisolm (??) ; C. Dempsey (Wellington, 1895-??) ;  J. G. Holdsworth (Wellington, 1890-1895)

Notes:Built to a design named Owaissa from Dixon Kemp's Yachting Manual 6th ed. Loosed mooring in Evans Bay 1918, ran aground and sunk. Refloated several weeks later and broken up.
View Owaissa's lines and sail plan published in the Sydney Mail 03 Jan. 1885

Photo source:NZ Yachtsman 18 Sept. 1915
Vessel Name:Miru
Builder:Robert Logan Sr
Designer:William Fife
Place built:Auckland
Year built:1894/5
Construction:two skins carvel
Beam:5, 6
Rig:Lug sloop
Class:1/2 Rater
Owners:Alan Bailey (Wellington, 1931-??); M. Hall (Wellington, 1929-19??) ; R. Prince (Wellington, 1926-1929); Mr "Jock" Breen (Wellington, ??-1924-1926); E. Hannan (Wellington, ??-1915-??) Alexander Turnbull, Wellington (1895-?)
Notes:Designed by W. Fife. Fin and bulb keel. Renamed "Essex" 1911-1913 ; Renamed "May" 1915-before 1924. Sister to Ruru. Converted to keeler ca 1912.
View contemporary article on her construction
Construction plan (copyright Fairlie yachts)
Sail plan (copyright Fairlie yachts)

Photo source:Alexander Turnbull Library
Photo source:Classic Yacht Association of NZ
Owners:Gavin Pascoe and Keryn Lavery (Wellington 2021-);  Mike Roussow (Lyttleton 1999-); Dick Young (1977); Dennis Win (Marlborough 1955- ??); R. G. Millman (Wellington 1937-?); Gilbert Beckett (Wellington ??-??); Gray Young (Wellington, ??-??); Nigel Blair (Wellington, 1924-19??); J. Glasgow (Nelson, 1902-1924) 
Designer:George Holmes (modified)
Place built:Auckland
Year built:1902
Rig:Gaff yawl cutter
LOA:31, 6
Notes:Adaption of a competition prize-winner George Holmes design as published in the "English Yachtsman" in 1899. Converted to keeler by R. G. Millman ca. 1937. At some stage renamed Ariki. Rebuilt 1957, and renamed Oyster. Returned to gaff rig 1977.

The lines reproduced here were drawn by Ralph Millman when he converted her from a centreboarder to keeler in 1937. Both configurations are drawn. View lines

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Builder:Charles Bailey Jr
Vessel Name:Oyster
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